What do I need to know when choosing a tablecloth?


panama table setting

Many of us have found ourselves staring at kitchen linens in a store, thinking “oh, how I would love to dress up that ugly table or piece of furniture that our family has scuffed with knives, marked with markers, and put a number of dings on, but what is the most functional, lasting table linens that I can buy?”

To me there is nothing worse than loving a fabric, but after using and washing it for the first time it is a wrinkled mess or choosing a wrong look completely. If this is you then we have some helpful tips on what to look for when purchasing your table linens.

Fabric Choices:

Actual Linens or Cotton Fabrics are readily available in stores and online, which are beautiful, but after each use these table linens will of course require washing, but also it will require ironing and sometimes dry cleaning, which can become a real hassle. I have stuffed many linen/cotton tablecloths in my closet to rarely ever be used again. These are a beautiful choice, but know there will be some care and time that will go into having these kinds of tablecloths and table linens.

Newer Polyester and Synthetic Fabrics are readily available as well and have come a long way from the polyester that we remember from long ago. There are polyester that have been spun and look and feel like cotton, but are much easier to care for. The beauty of their appearance, texture, and durability is a winner in our book. These fabrics can be washed and dried and have minimal pressing, if any at all. If taken out of the dryer when done they usually don’t need much of anything other than being thrown back on your table. For everyday use, care, and ease of use these are our go to fabrics. We always use these for any party or events we may throw, as these fabric are easy care and more resistant to spills and messes and easily treatable with pre-washing treatments.

Color Choices:

For everyday use we would suggest going with a neutrals, such as Ivory or beige or we suggest staying with the classic white. These colors go along with most home decor or table setting choices you may have. If you like a more traditional look there are many Damask or printed tablecloths that will enhance your theme. By choosing a darker tablecloth or table linen you will get a more dramatic effect. Many chose our dark browns, grays, or classic holiday colors to provide a pop to their room during the holidays or in a room that they want to provide an impact too.

Fitted, Overlays, Shape, Size:

Want a standard, casual look for your kitchen or dining room which may be used often then we suggest a tablecloth with a 8″ – 12″ drop on all sides. One could choose to go with as little as a 6″ drop on their tablecloth, but we wouldn’t recommend going any smaller as you will want it to lay nicely over the edge.

Tablecloths needed for formal events such as weddings, holidays, and corporate events should have a drop of 15″ to the floor. Many times hiding the legs of the table looks a lot classier and formal and going to the floor may be favored. Fitted tablecloths that go to the floor are the best looking tablecloths for party events. We suggest fitted for a classier, stream-lined look.

If you want a fresh look go with a square tablecloth as an overlay or go with an extra long table runner that you can tie a piece of rustic string or ribbon around. So many things that can be done just to make your table a little more you!

There are so many fun things that can be put together. We can help you! If you need a custom size or a custom shape. We can help you by making the size or shape that you need. We can also talk to you about what may or may not work for you.


How to Measure for a Tablecloth

1st Step – you will need to know the dimensions (size) of your table and the shape. Example: Is it a 45″ Wide x 60″ Long?  Is it Round, Rectangle, Square or Oval?

2nd Step – you will need to decide how many inches of fabric you would like to hang over the table or piece of furniture. This is known as the drop. (hint: take a dish towel or piece of fabric and hang over your table or piece of furniture to get a visual on the length you would like and then measure the length of it.) This will determine what the drop is that you will want?

TIP * Typically for a standard dining room table most individuals desire a 8″, 10″, or 12″ drop.   12″ is usually at lap level, unless you don’t have a standard size table, 15″ is half way to the floor and 29″ – 30″ is typically to the floor for a standard height!

3rd Step – Once you know the dimension of your table and & the drop that you desire then all you need to do is multiply the drop by two and add it to each dimension (width & length) or (circumference).



You have a table which is 36″ wide by 60″ length and you would like your tablecloth to drop over the side 12″ you would do as follows:

Multiply the 12″ drop x 2 = 24″ (Your cloth will hang 12″ on each side)

Add 36″ Width of table + 24″ two sides of drop = 60″ Width needed

Add 60″ Length of table + 24″ two sides of drop = 84″

Now you have figured to have a 12″ drop evenly all the way around your table that you will need a 60″ x 84″ Tablecloth.

A Square Table is done the same way. For example a 54″ x 54″ square table that needs a 10″ drop all the way around would be: (10″ drop x 2) + 54″ = 20 + 54 = 74″  Do the same exact calculation for the other side and you will have a 74″ x 74″ Tablecloth that is needed for a 10″ drop.

A Round Table is similar, as well, except you take the diameter of the table once and add the drop twice:  For example a 60″ round table with a 10″ drop all the way around would be 10 + 10 = 20 + 60″ diameter = 80″ tablecloth, therefore, for a 10″ drop on a 60″ table you will need a 80″ tablecloth.

I hope this information is helpful.  If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 1-888-933-2671.

Thank you!



Custom, Easy Care Fern Tablecloth and Chair Tie

Easy Care Fern Fabric

Elegant Fern Fabric

So excited that we have Our Elegant Fern Fabric in stock now!  Our Fern is easy care and elegant.  It comes in  several different colors.  It comes in Linen, Eggshell, Browns, Sage, Silver, Blues, Crimson and of course the beautiful Kiwi shown above.  Please see our new fabric at http://opulenthomedecor.com/tablecloths.html or call us at:

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Wedding Idea’s – Party Elegance

Elegant Celebration

Elegant Celebration

Nothing is nearly as striking as lace! That is why I like to use lace as a topper at a wedding or at any special occasion. A lace over a simple tablecloth is so elegant. This year, 2014, is the year of pastels. As in this picture a lace looks so stunning over an Ivory tablecloth, but it looks just as stunning over pastel pinks, blues or bolder colors too. One table with a simple lace as an overlay can change the whole look and feel!


Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

It is the season for color, weddings, and happy times! The talk this year is Pastels… Pastels are in… These exquisite soft colors are calming and elegant. Perfect for your special day. It’s our bride and grooms day to shine!! We have many pastel combinations to choose from, but we wanted to give you a glimps of our elegant table setting made up for that one special day! Our table is covered with our Dazzle fabric tablecloth in our sage-maize color with an overlay of our Jasmine Pear fabric framed with a satin ribbon. Our chair is covered with our Athena Brushed Satin fabric and finished with a tie made out of our Jasmine Pear Fabric. Exquisite and Beautiful!!

Please call with any questions! We have many other combinations too!
Toll Free: 1-888-933-2671



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